About us

Nowadays, most company managers are of the opinion that the appearance of employees is an important marketing tool that strongly influences the image of the company from the very first moment. In addition, it is important that not only the first impression should be positive, but employees should feel so too, that their work clothes are the best choice. Our professional team is at your service to manage all these tasks.

Catering uniforms
Corporate uniforms
Special, unique outfit for promotional purposes
Our services

Just like our products, we try to personalize our services as well. From the designing through workmanship to logistics, we provide a wide range of solutions for our customers. We have introduced the 3-dimensional technology based visual design which speeds up pre-production processes, and helps customers to choose more easily and objectively the most appropriate direction for them without producing unnecessary sample collections.

We pay great attention to environmental protection in our works too, our portfolio includes a lot of recycled materials and related solutions.

Our production takes place exclusively in Hungarian sewing workshops, and the raw materials used are mostly the products of European companies.

In case our customers are unable to store the finished products, we can provide a solution for that problem also. If required, we can even deliver the desired piece one by one.